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I wish….

” I wish I could start all over again”. How many times have you said that same sentence in the past? The idea of having a fresh start always captivates us.

It is amazing how human beings always are obsessed with the idea of having the opportunity to delete and forget everything they did wrong and start over. However, it is pretty obvious to me – and I believe that to you as well- this is not the answer to our problems. We need to face the fact that we are owners of our actions, and if not, destiny wanted things to happen the way they did.

I am going to give you 3 reasons you can start feeling different about your past, without the need of having a time machine to change things.

1) Your personality: There is a theory in psychology that says you have certain personality traits that define who you are. Whether you are obsessive with organize stuff or just could care less where things are, this is defined by a personality trait. As things happen in your life, you acted upon the different situations because that is your personality. If you made a mistake, you would eventually be more careful not to expose to a similar situation in the future, but you would be acting in a very specific pattern no matter what.

2) Own it: Whatever has happened in the past, you need to accept it. This means that you need to accept the things you did not do well and make something out of it. We learn the most out of our mistakes and so always be certain to accept those things that went wrong and try to change them for the future. If you ride a bike and down the street you fall off  because you did not see a big hole, next time you will be more careful to keep your eyes on the road in order to avoid falling off again for the same reason. You could easily start finding excuses on why you fell; the kid that was near you, the breaks did not work, etc. At the end, you were the one who decided to ride the bike and you were not focused on what you were doing.

3) Don’t sweat it: “Everything, at some point or another, goes away” my grandfather used to say to me. Things that are in the past will remain where they are if you make a change for the future. It is true none likes bad history, but at the end it is history that will not hunt you down forever. You always have the option of correcting things by being open and sincere with you and with others. This is the best way to stop worrying too much and start doing something about it.

“I wish I could start all over again”. We would still think about it. However, we need to make a stop in the run and manage the situation instead of just wishing for things that are not going to happen.

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