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Based on a true story

Most people have experienced what it is going to a job interview. Many feel distressed, as it is a moment when someone you do not know is judging your skills and capability to perform a job role. Moreover, you are being analyzed from a psychological point of view; whether you will fit in with the company’s values and beliefs or not.

Once I was interviewing a lady for a data administrator role. Throughout the 25 minutes we were talking she was getting closer and closer to having the job. I decided to ask about a situation where she felt uncomfortable at work. She told me and one of my coworkers at the time about a phone call she had to do in her previous job. The person she had to call started to ask her to questions of sexual content. She told the man on the phone she could not respond those questions because she was working; if she were not, then she would have been able to respond! This is a moment where any interviewer, regardless of the company values and beliefs, would definitely be hesitant about hiring her.

For this reason, I want to present three tips of what you may avoid saying in a job interview.

The first tip is to avoid talking extremely negative about the task you do not like to do. While you want to be open about the expectations you have for the job, you do not want to sound absolutely inflexible about performing certain task. Talking too much negative about certain task you do not like to do can drive you away from the role.

The second tip is to connect your brain with your tongue.Many of you as readers could be thinking ” well, that’s sort of common sense”. After many years of interviewing people and countless stories of recruiting, I can certainly tell you a lot of people do not think before talking. Make sure your answers are well thought. A single mistake can turn a”yes, we want you” to a ” we’ll let you know”.

The third tip to avoid in a job interview is related to your body language. As you may have heard somewhere else, body language talks tons about the message you want to share. You need to keep a balance in your interview:you want to show confidence but you do not want look over-confident about your skills. This may upset the interviewer. If you give short answers to the questions you get, and with a low or hesitant tone, the interviewer may feel you are either not too interested about the position or even that you are not very knowledgeable in the topic. Make sure you practice your body language.

These tips may decide if you get the job you are looking for or not. One single question – like the one I did to the woman I interviewed for the data admin role – could determine if you end up showing you are the person for the role or have you in the job hunt a bit longer.

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