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Roses, Gardens, Projects

My brother-in-law is starting his own business. He funded a landscaping company, taking advantage of  the great experience (more than 10 years) he has on the field. I decided to help him with the advertising of his services, so I began looking for catchy facts about gardens, plants and so on. As I was reading these facts it caught my attention when I read about roses: You need to make sure roses get an important amount of sunlight so the flowers blossom to their best. I also read that making your garden wider on the front and narrow on the back you make the illusion of having a very deep space.  The project of helping my in-law with his business made me think of the different aspects you need to consider and possess when you have a project of your own.

Here are just a few items you need to take into account when starting a project:
A) Acquire the necessary knowledge: Just as with someone whose project is to plant roses in the garden, you need to have the necessary knowledge to start your project. You need to understand the external factors around it (competitors, providers, vendors) without forgetting about the most important external factor: Your client. The same applies for internal factors ( the skills needed to create the product or service, the money you have to invest in it). Once again, you need to understand that the human talent you have in your project will be the most important internal factor for success.

B) Understand your limits and maximize your potential: We all are going to have some boundaries when working on our project. We can go from the economic limitations through time constraints. Regardless of what it is, you need to maximize every aspect at hand in order to minimize those roadblocks. Just as in the example of the illusion of the small garden, you need to be able to work with creativity and imagination.

C) Do not let it cool off: It is normal that when you just started with your project you will dedicate a lot of thinking to it. As time starts to pass by, you may start to lose some drive. The reasons will vary: you have less time for it, you have more roadblocks than expected or you just simply get back to a certain routine that puts you away from your idea. If this starts to happen, stop it! Do not let yourself lose the drive you once had. Find partners that help you stay focused and always try to look at your project as a diamond to be shaped.

As I continue to think of effective advertising techniques, I start to think about my in-law having to consider all these aspects in his start-up company. I am amazed by looking at him work with the passion and determination that just an all-time dream gives you. I hope you have that same drive when you get to start your own project.

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