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3-7-0 Teamwork

F. C. Barcelona . Everyone that likes and follows soccer would agree this is the best soccer team right now – and many would consider it the best soccer team of all times. The way they play the game fills up everyone’s eyes.

As I was watching the last match between Barcelona and Real Madrid for the Spanish Liga, I started to notice the formation Barcelona was using: 3-7-0. No one has ever seen this in professional soccer before. The surprise relied on the fact that anyone from the midfield and up was able to help on the offensive line. This was only possible by the way this team works together. For this reason I would like to use the example of F.C. Barcelona to talk about teamwork.

Teamwork is defined as the coordination of a group in the interest of a common goal. When a soccer team like Barcelona plays, it is extremely easy to see what is their goal; more than score 5 or 6 times, their interest is in playing with simplicity and effectiveness. These are the keys for their success.

In a team everyone cooperates and everyone makes sure the ultimate goal does not get overseen. The options to reach the goal increase as every team member understands the collective work is more important than the individual reward. Many work teams get blind-sighted by team members that believe their agenda is more important than the team’s; this is easily noticed when you have members that drive attention just to them without considering if their actions affect others in the group.

FC Barcelona has lost games, however you can have certainty that their chances of winning are always better than its rivals. Your work team may have losses as well, but you need to make sure the chances of succeeding are always high. How do you reach to that level? Well, you need to make sure the standards for the team, its rules and beliefs are understood by everyone in it. The culture of the team is the first base where the rest will be created. As you make everyone understand the way the team needs to work, it will be easier to work during the tough times the team will need to face.

As I keep analyzing this amazing team Barcelona has become, it is imperative to talk about the pieces that make it work: a head coach that understands the philosophy to make the players mentally strong and the leaders this team has. One scene that I do not forget about the clásico is the reaction Carles Puyol had when Real Madrid made the first goal with less than a minute from the start of the game. Immediately after the action, he started to push his teammates to keep up the spirit of fight, the will to win the game in spite of the situation, and the belief that they were better prepared than their opponents. This type of leaders are natural, however this does not mean you cannot nurture those with certain key characteristics: those that are good followers, those that are conscious about their mistakes and work towards improving them, those that demonstrate willingness to do things well.

Teamwork can be very fulfilling when goals are met; they also can be of great support when things do not go as expected. As the main lead of a group, make sure your team works just as the F.C. Barcelona plays: with simplicity and effectiveness.

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