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Failing is good after all

A 32-yard field goal. Those that are experts in analyzing American Football may be discussing today how is it that a kicker missed such a “regular” play from this year’s AFC Championship game, between the New England Patriots and the Baltimore Ravens . This may be true even more if we consider the situation in the game: you expect a professional football player to be ready for this type of plays.

I am not a football analyst for sure. I have played the game twice at the most. However, anyone who has been down in a hole can relate to how this football player probably felt about his miss. The big question on this is: how to overcome such a failure?

Some may say “you’ll have revenge in the future” or “don’t sweat it, this is not as important as other stuff in life”. It does not matter the many ways people tell you you can do better next time, the way you feel after failing so badly does not go easily; so let’s be realistic and accept it is hard to overcome these situations. Now that you are facing things the way they are, what is it left to do? Well, not much. You may consider that I am not being very optimistic here, but I am not going to write about something that is not real to me and that is not real to many of you. From where I see it, it is healthy to have our “blue time” and it is important to dwell on it.

I consider that failure is important to all of us. To me, failure is an emotion; a feeling of losing something you really wanted. This means that you cherished that something (a project, a goal, an objective) and it moved you to do things in order to achieve it, forgetting about the fact that you were not able to.

Failure is good because it makes us stronger. Whenever you fail, your drive and pride will make you try harder next time because you really want to prove yourself and others you can do it; feeling this bad now will certainly pay off later.

Billy Cundiff (the man under the loop this time) had a 51-yard field goal made earlier this year. His longest field goal ever made was for 56 yards, so this tells us he can do better next time. He is not going to have it easy for the next months, and it may be an all-time memory for the NFL.  This feeling will make him try to do it well the first time always, and this is what makes failure good after all. Thanks for teachable moment Billy.

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