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The opportunity to make breakfast

I was watching how my daughter was making her bed this morning. This is one of the new tasks she has at home by being a “big lady”. If it were for her, she would be preparing breakfast now. When I came back to check on her work, I must say it was not as I expected. She forgot to put her stuffed animals on top and they were all over the bedroom. I have to admit this is a miss on the parent’s side (O.K., mostly mine): we were not clear on telling her the steps she needed to follow in order to do this task well.  Having clear that there is a big difference between giving directions to a 6-year old and you, the reader, when you are working in your job you need to have a clarity on what the company wants from you.  However, once the goal setting stage is completed, you are entirely responsible for your performance and results. Therefore, I want to give you some insight on performance management from the employee point-of-view.

As I said, it is expected that once you have a clear view of what the company goals are, and your manager told you what is required from you to meet those goals, you are responsible to make that happen. Throughout my career I have seen people that expect to have everything in her hands in order to perform a job. I have heard comments like ” well, I was not able to meet the goals for this year because my manager did not tell me what I needed to do to reach the results he/she expected”. While I believe that a manager needs to be aware of the needs his/her team in order to provide guidance and coaching when needed, you as an employee are entirely responsible of your performance. This means that you have to demonstrate a good way to deal with problems in your job, to overcome obstacles according to the company’s standards and to raise your hand when you need someone with more power in your organization to come in and help you. Job Performance is what a single person does in the job. In other words, you are responsible for how you do things -both right and wrong.

Demonstrate to your manager that you are independent enough to look for solutions, to grow business scope and to generate a positive impact in the company. If you expect your manager to hand-hold you while you work, you will not go far. A manager has a responsibility with you, but also with many other people that work in his/her team. Do not expect that your manager will be telling how to do things because it is most likely he/she will not have the time for it -and nor the responsibility to do it.  When you demonstrate that you can do things on your own and that you have a good understanding of what the company needs from you to reach the business goals, you are in a good position to continue growing professionally. Do not forget that you were hired by your manager because of the skills you have and the results you had elsewhere. It is your responsibility to show your manager he/she was not wrong about giving you the opportunity to join the company.

My daughter is now asking if she is ready to make breakfast tomorrow; I prefer not to imagine how that would be. I told her she first needs to make her bed well (i.e. master the task) and then move up to the next level. As you also work on your master your tasks, demonstrate good business management and perform well, opportunities will knock on your door and you will also ready to take on the next level – or as I know call it: the opportunity to make breakfast.

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