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The company’s goldmine: your responsibility

Every company has the same goal: increasing its earnings per share, maintain good cash flow and generate profit in every activity the company has. And you cannot complain about it; having a profitable company implies that all layers of the organization benefit out of it. Therefore, for those in leadership positions particularly, it becomes rather important to have the teams reaching for their objectives.

As a leader starts to set the strategy on how those objectives will be achieved, he/she has to pay closer attention on the talent the team has. Talent management is one of the most important skills a leader must have in order to meet the company’s goals. As a leader you can set up a good strategy – and have it spread out correctly- but if the talent is not maximized, those goals will never be accomplished. When I say to maximize your  teams’ talent it does not mean to burn them with long hours of work or assigning them to projects they do not have the skills to work on. Maximizing you team’s skills mean to understand every single team member and find where he/she is good at and how they can contribute.

A manager or team leader can easily fall short if he/she does not understand the team. Understanding the team implies to know the members’ background; what they have worked on in the past, what academic experience is valuable in the job, what is the level of pressure they can handle individually so that the work quality meets the company standards.

Moreover, you need to identify what are those members that have an innate quality of doing so well at everything they do versus those that need to be taught how to accomplish certain tasks. Who does not like to work with a group of people that do things well all the time and that you can rely with confidence?.  Truth of the matter though is that such an utopia is hard to obtain. You will always have members that need more time from you and that need to be coached regularly in order to do a good job. A leader’s work will be reflected more in the latter group, and it is with this type of people where you need to put more energy day in and day out. You need to make sure the gap between these two types of personalities decreases in order to have a team that delivers more than what is expected.

Your company’s goldmine to better financial numbers and more success relies on the talent. You are in charge of managing such talent; how well you do it will dictate how good of a leader you are. Are you up for the challenge?

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