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Treat everyone as if they were the CEO

The title of this note is a stolen quote I always hear from my wife – I’m not really sure if she stole it from somewhere else, but it is such a powerful quote that I find very interesting.

If you work in for any company, whether it is a small business or a big corporation, you are taught to identify who the big boss is so in the event of you having to talk to him/her, you can behave as much as possible and show utterly respect; if the big boss wants you to jump up, you just need to ask how high. This may be an extreme example, but it does explain the courtesy and dedication you are expected to show.

There is a reality show in which the CEO of a company goes undercover to find out where are the areas of improvement to make the business a better one. The CEO plays the role of a candidate for a position in the company, so he/she gets training from actual employees and while doing it the CEO gets to talk to them to see what they think of the business and how it impacts their lives. It is very interesting how many people care about what they are doing for the company and their interest in helping the candidate do their job well. Of course, there are others  that show their negative side and start to trash-talk about the business and how miserable they feel about what they do. At the end of the show, the CEO reveals his true identity and helps the trainers and their teams in different ways according to the feedback he/she got while undercover.

The CEO could have not had the opportunity to see the true image of the company from the inside out if everyone knew he/she was the CEO. Furthermore, it does happen that by idealizing and respecting one person that much, we tend to forget the rest of the people that work for us and that make probably a bigger impact in our jobs. The cleaning lady that comes to your office everyday to make sure you have a pristine working area, the mailman that always takes your documents where they need to be sent, the co-worker that helped you with a very difficult task while you are out sick, etc. Imagine what your work life would be if you did not have these people around you. They may be a key integral part that of your job.  You need to make sure they always feel respected by you and that you demonstrate how thankful you are of having them around.

What are the opportunities you have to demonstrate appreciation for someone else at your workplace? Find them out and have the privilege of treating others as if they were the CEO.

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  1. Jo
    February 17, 2012 at 5:14 pm

    When I worked at a design company I was the ‘receptionist.’ Though not my title, that was the free desk when I was hired so I went with it. I would love when people would come in and treat me like a receptionist, not realizing exactly whose ear I had.

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