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The art of making things simple

Think of the best communicator you have ever seen or heard. Now think of the best quality this communicator has. You may consider things such as the use of facts, the choice of vivid words, action verbs and the avoidance on unnecessary repetition.

All of these are quite important to deliver the intended message. However, when you consider who you are communicating to, you need to take into account that your audience has such a wide variety of backgrounds that your speech needs to be as adaptable as possible to stick in everyone’s mind.

It is for this reason that creating a simple message is the most important skill a communicator should have. As “simple” as it may sound, you will get to know that it is very difficult to simplify a speech once you are preparing it. When I think about this, I remember Dr. Butterfield: my speech teacher back in college. During the first class of the semester he requested that each one of us prepare a 1-minute persuasive speech. I remember that the class reaction was ” do you want something that easy? “. Well, we were completely wrong. As each classmate was presenting the speech, each and everyone one of us were failing at coming across our point because we did not have enough time for it.

When you are communicating anything some someone else, you need to make sure the idea you are presenting is clear from the get-go. If you include words that will not be understood by everyone, you are then failing at engaging your entire audience. Think of a stand-up comedian for example. Why is it that everyone likes stand up comedy? Because all of us can relate to what they are making fun of; you have either experienced those stories the comedian is telling or at least know someone who has, so they make it simple.

The message in a speech also needs to be honest. The reason for it is because when you are speaking honestly about something, you tend to come up with less words to explain it;  the ones that you are using are just enough to make your point.

Next time you need to deliver a message think of the simplicity it needs to have, and you will be amazed about the results you will get.

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