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The job you always dreamt of… or not?

What do you do for a living? What is it that you are very good at? These two questions not necessarily have the same answer. In spite of this, there is an undeniable fact: In order to succeed at anything you do you need to give your very best at all times.

I was talking to a friend of mine that recently changed jobs. She was telling me that the new role did not pose much of a challenge as the previous one did. She did not feel disappointed about it. Instead she said the change was definitely going to teach her something. Not long after our quick chat she received a very important recognition for the service she was given to a client.

Another case is a  hostess in a diner. The diner has a 24/7 schedule.  My wife and I once got to talk to her and she told us she works 6 days a week and more than 8 hours per day.  We were amazed by the way she treats the customers and the difference her service makes on every contact does create a true welcome to the place -now even more knowing the conditions for the job. She also told us that not long ago she was the manager for another restaurant she worked for but it went bankrupt due to the owner’s wrong decisions with money. She needed to find something else to live on and the hostess job was a mere stage for something bigger to come; she knew that her actions in this job will take her further at the right time.

The examples clearly demonstrate the importance of giving your very best regardless of what you are doing. There is no small task or small job; you make it as big and important as you want to.

You need to demonstrate high responsibility, professionalism, and more importantly, high ethics in every job you have.  When you take on a job that you first consider it does not require your full potential, your interest should be pointed at how it can become a role that you can take advantage of. I remember an executive at the company I work that once said ” you need to find the sauce in it” . The same quote applies when you are on a job that at first does not give you everything you were expecting from it. Moreover, you need to consider that your respect for your role will portray respect to those working along with you.

It’s not easy to see the glass “half full” all the time. However, if you analyze your job in this way your creativity will start to help you find ways to create a career growth sooner rather than later. Your journey will always be to find the sauce in it and to enjoy it at its fullest.

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